Foods That Can Make You Happier, Naturally

Foods That Can Make You Happier, Naturally

Are there times when you feel blue? Well, we all at one time or another felt so. But the question is what you can do to elevate the mood? There are many things you can do to boost your mood such as laughing, getting enough sleep amongst other things. But do you know that food can also be an excellent mood elevator?  

Foods That Can Cheer You Up

If you are looking for happiness consider adding this food to your diet.

1.    Chocolate

I believe the term chocolate isn’t new to you, but the good news is that there is a history behind it- it’s a greater mood booster. It believed that if you eat dark chocolate for two weeks each day, it reduces stress. According to a study conducted in Switzerland by Nestle Research Centre found that the antioxidant present in chocolate is what contributes to a happier mood.

2.    Fish

Tuna DietFish is one of the greatest sources of mood-boosting nutrients. Eating fatty and oily fish such as rainbow trout, tuna, sardines, salmon and mussels provides you with omega-3s which boosts your mood tremendously. The Omega-3 changes the brain chemicals which connect with mood by elevating it. The body does not produce these omega-3 nutrients, and that’s why it’s recommended to add fish in your diet to naturally gain that happier mood.

3.    Coffee

Coffee lovers can be thought to be bad tempers, but studies have proven this wrong. Various researchers have found a lot of positivity connected to regular coffee consumption. If you enjoy coffee socially it, it brings satisfaction, friendship and good nature. If you drink it in the morning, it’s found to connect with kindness, energy and pleasure which contribute to a very bright day full of happiness. Another study conducted shows that taking 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day, the chances of developing depression is 15% to a span of 10-years, compared to those who drink one cup or less per day. The caffeine in coffee is virtually a magic when it comes to mood lifting.

4.    Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and VegetablesThe foods also work magic in mood lifting. According to studies conducted, researchers have found that consumption of fruits and vegetables results in greater sense of happiness, calm and more energy. They have also noted that the effect is not only observed the day you consume the vegetables and fruits but also the following day. Looking for produce, which will boost your mood with magic numbers of days full of happiness, choose vegetables and fruits.

If you are currently feeling blue and is getting help with depression in Sydney, the foods mentioned above may also help alleviate some of the bad energies away.


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